Advice Please!

I am thinking about cutting my hair into a very short pixie cut. I’ve never had my hair anywhere near this short and am nervous! I have already made an appointment for next Wednesday, but am taking a full week to think things out before I do it. The reasoning behind wanting to do it is that my hair is so damaged that I just want to start fresh. I already cut a lot off early in the summer but it seems like it hasn’t helped much so I think I’m gonna go for chopping it all off and starting over! Plus I do think that some people can pull short hair off great, and who knows maybe I am one of those people! And if not, it’ll grow back.

Pictures of the cut I am thinking about:



She looks so great! I’d like to try it just like that (maybe a little longer),¬†and I’d keep it blonde. What do you guys think? Would you ever do it?